Rich in antioxidant polyphenols, Grape are renowned for their detoxifying and protecting properties.

Native from the Mediterranean & Occidental Asia regions, the vine is a climbing plant provided with gimlets that can reach a final height of several meters, with leaves divided in lobes.

Its tiny green flowers growing in clusters become berries which may vary in shape, color and size.

‘Two types of grapes can be distinguished: table grapes & wine grapes, also known as “cépages”, both containing a high concentration of polyphenols or OPC, potent natural plant-based antioxidants.

OPC are renowned for their positive action on blood micro-circulation, strengthening blood vessels and stimulating collagen & elastin production, keeping the skin supple, oxygenated and firm for longer.

But their most exceptional property lies in their ability to be potent free radical scavengers, therefore lessening the damages caused by external aggressors such as UV rays or oxidative stress and contributing to fight skin aging.

It is a very peculiar soil, enriched in a unique blend of minerals, that gave birth to the exceptional properties of the Malromé grapes, at the very core of every Vigne Royale products efficiency.