Vigne Royale

An exceptional holistic beauty synergy

born in French vineyards



Deeply rooted in urban life, Vigne Royale provides evolutionary solutions to modern women skin issues, contemporary designed & practical packagings and textures adapted to each moment of their daily lives.


Innovative textures, patented exclusive ingredient complexes and sophisticated formulations with exceptionally high concentrations of pure actives, supervised by a facial rejuvenation specialist.


Fine formulas with impeccable finishes, soft touch packagings for an emotion starting as soon as you have it in hand and a luxurious visual footprint, reminding of the chateau life splendor, firmly anchored in modern times.


A 100% French production, high quality active ingredients originating from French terroirs including the Malromé domain, renowned for the exceptional quality of its grapes and great vintage wines.


We believe in beauty as a whole, as a blend of balance, serenity and joy. That is why we offer holistic global rituals, to take care of your body as well as your skin, and to appeal to all of your senses & invigorate your mind. So the wellness you feel within reflects everyday on your skin and complexion.



Formulas developed in collaboration with a French surgeon specialized in skin youth and a renowned French laboratory, leader in the field of natural & safe formulations.


Concrete results supported by consumers use tests, active ingredients performances tested in vitro & in vivo.


An unprecedented synergy between topical care and dietary supplements for a holistic management of skin beauty & health. Because we believe that a beautiful skin begins by a balanced organism.


A skincare ritual that stimulate all the senses, associated with the pleasure of seeing visible results rapidly.

MADE IN France

We master the 100% Made in France production, the “no nasties” formulations with natural active ingredients (without paraben, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils or SLS).


Located in the South of Gironde in the Entre-Deux-Mers region, the French domain of Malromé is located between two rivers, surrounded by fields, woods and vineyards in the town of Saint-André-du-Bois, among other big castles.

The domain of Malromé covers a surface area of 57 hectares, with 43 devoted to one of the oldest & still functioning French vineyards.

Exploited for five centuries, the Malromé vineyard is based on an exceptional terroir, made of clay gravely alluviums brought by the formation of the Pyrenean pit, where the Garonne was born.

In every Vigne Royale care resonates the Malromé domain from where it was rooted.

In every Vigne Royale care resonates the Malromé domain from where it was rooted.

It is this very soil, enriched in a unique blend of minerals, that gave birth to the exceptional properties of the Malromé grapes, at the very core of every Vigne Royale products efficiency.

Conceived as a new holistic experience and as an invitation to take a journey through the core of an exceptional terroir, Vigne Royale is the expression of a French art of living and a traditional expertise of the highest quality.